Spurlane Farm | Mini Australian Shepherds
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Mini Australian Shepherds

We strongly believe that great breeding, a good start, and a solid foundation is key to a happy, healthy puppy. See the Spurlane difference in every puppy we breed.

Mini Australian Shepherds has been a breed since 1968

The mini Aussie-poo sheds a minimal amount

The Australian Shepherd originates from the United States !

Miniature Australian Shepherds

Mature Weight: 12 – 25 lbs

Height: 10 – 15 inches
Colours: Eye colouring can vary from, brown, green, blue or even have two different color of eyes.
Coat: Their coat is silk like, med length, average shed. Can be straight or wavy. Requires minimal up keep, like weekly brushing
Temperament: Loyal, energetic, super intelligent, courageous, affectionate
Outstanding family pets who are extremely patient even with small children. Also get along well with other dogs and animals.
Training: Super easy to train, very similar to the corgi breed. They are eager to lean and very willing to please. They are fabulous work dogs, great in agility and hiking with the family. They are also great to travel or stay by your side on the couch. They can get along fine in apartment life as long as there exercised properly.

Aussie – Poos

Mature Weight: 12-25 lbs
Height: 10-16 inches
The Aussie-poo is a cross (designer-breed)
Resulting from a cross between the miniature Australian shepherd and the miniature poodle. In order to produce a puppy that holds the desired traits from both breeds. Idea for the cross with the poodle is because of their non-shedding coat and it has gained popularity, particularly with those who suffer from pet related allergies.
Coat: With a cross they can have a large variety of coats. Length is generally moderate, can be straight or slightly wavy. Though it may appear shaggy it will have a silky soft texture.
Character/ temp: Aussie-poo is a highly intelligent and friendly dog. Very family oriented and love spending time with their people. Aussie-poo excel in agility and are often used as service or therapy dogs. Excellent and patient with small children and get along great with other dogs and animals. They are a well-rounded breed who love to play but can also be content on your lap.
Training: Aussie-poo, are extremely intelligent breed and is eager to learn. They will not respond to harsh words, yelling or heavy hand method. Training should be done with reward, firmness, patients and consistency.